GREY hall

GREY hall is designed for capturing high-contrast and moody visuals, eliminating the need for setting up a darkroom on a white cyclorama. One of the walls mimics a concrete texture, while the rest are painted in a neutral grey.

With a spacious area of 42 m² (ceiling height: 4.5 m), it's ideal for small-scale shoots using natural light, continuous lighting (see the 'Equipment Rental' section), or the included strobe lighting. Please inquire in advance about the availability of the specific equipment you need.

GREY hall is also perfect for photography involving colored lighting. The neutral grey backdrop enhances blue, purple, red, and orange hues, making them pop with vibrancy.
Additionally, GREY hall can accommodate small workshops and training sessions for up to 15 people. We provide chairs and a projector for your convenience. To reserve GREY hall for educational or event purposes, please reach out to us at

The GREY hall can be booked starting from just 1 hour. We encourage all our clients to use the Booksy platform for reservations. If you plan to rent a room for a period longer than three hours, please get in touch with us to discuss the details and pricing. You can do this via email at or by phone at +48 501 326 506.
We invite you to book GREY hall and explore the possibilities of the versatile grey color palette!

100 PLN/hour
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